Fake Stories used for good purposes – I

I was reading this excellent short by Carl Richards on the impostor syndrome reading each sentence with dread at the realisation that it is about me. I’m not even sure it’s about lack of confidence in my abilities but there it is. Knowing that I have some excellent skills and aware that these are confirmed by various, independent sources, yet each and every time there is a test I get caught up in this debilitating feeling of thinking I’ll never be as good as those around me. That feeling of course passes and leaves me with missed choices in life but it’s there and it isn’t fun. So reading about Buddha inviting Mara for tea made me chuckle. Until I said, ‘hold on, this story makes no sense’. I went and did my internet research, totally distracted from my original purpose of reading up on the allocated material but came back somewhat more enlightened: the story is a fake. Still it’s good and an excellent metaphor with good uses, calling to mind my earlier posts about mental health and schizophrenia and the subject of intrusive thoughts.

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