Rexy Rolle – black, woman, air-line owner

A short and sweet interview with Rexy Rolle who started an airline business in the Bahamas with her family. Graduating from Thomas Jefferson School of Law she is now managing Western Air with her father to bring affordable access to those hard-to-reach islands in the Bahamas. Acknowleding race and gender as stumbling blocks in her career she remains focused on her mission of business, extending their presence to online and social media as well as expanding to other localities.

She reminds me of Judge Judy when asked about feminism. It doesn’t have to define you. #metoo is nice but as a woman it – and being a victim of sexual harassment – doesn’t have to define me. Confidence is something I’m learning a lot about at the moment. Knowing you are confident as a person is not enough in succeeding. One has to remain confident in the context of other people too.

From the article:

What is some advice that you would give women that are interested in the aviation industry?

Rexy: Be confident in what you know and I say that over again. One of our downfalls as women is that we leave it at the door, — we must stay CONFIDENT in what we know and the work we produce. We as women were groomed from schooling and professionally to always second guess our decisions and feel as if we are “under-qualified.” I learned from experience to know your industry very well because the odds are immediately against you due to gender and race.


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